Master Phillip Bossant | Sky Martial Arts
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Master Phillip Bossant


Master Phillip Bossant is a Certified 4th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Anti Gravity Yoga Instructor, and avid OCR (Obstacle Course & Endurance Racer).

He first started Martial Arts in late high school and knew that he had really discovered something very special and rewarding – an opportunity to strive for balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

His schooling took a priority however and his focus led him to Art schools in Kansas City, Mo and Osaka Japan, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Painting and Printmaking. He continued practicing martial arts in Nebraska, Missouri and Japan though he could not consistently train in one style or school. His art career remained a priority but he always felt that he had not fulfilled his potential with martial arts and so it remained unfinished business.

Years later it was a joy to observe his daughter and son training in Taekwondo, making progress and enjoying the unique benefits that practicing martial arts can bring. After 2 years of watching from the sidelines and more than 17 years since he last practiced, he knew it was finally time to honor a long held desire to get back on the mat and train again. At nearly 41 years of age he began anew starting at the beginning and is thrilled to be able to say he has far surpassed what he felt he was ever capable of. Only at a very good school and with the help of others can such a thing be achieved. It’s never too late…believe it, and do it.

We are extremely fortunate to have Master Bossant teaching and leading by example.  He is what every instructor and student alike should strive to be.  Dedicated, passionate, and motivated, Instructor Bossant is the real deal.  His genuine love for his students can be felt immediately.