About Us

At Sky Martial Arts we believe that building a strong body is equally important as building a strong mind and strong spirit. We are committed to building lives as well as building martial arts skills. We strive to make your world a better place through the basic foundation of discipline, focus and perseverance.

With those principles in mind, we bring you Sky Martial Arts. Founded by Grand Master Jun Yoon, 8th Dan (Degree) Black Belt, Sky Martial Arts will make your dream of becoming a black belt a reality. Born and raised in Korea where Taekwondo originates, Grand Master Yoon brings to us the excellence and fortitude of the true Taekwondo Spirit – discipline, perseverance, focus and confidence.

Among Grand Master Yoon’s many accolades, the most notable are: 23 time Korean National Champion, Gold Medalist 1976 World Games, Olympic Demonstration Team Member and World Cup Coach. He stands among the elite of world renowned experts in all areas of martial arts. His comprehensive knowledge and unsurpassed skill in the art of Taekwondo is passed down to all who train at Sky Martial Arts.

Honor – Students will learn to develop good moral character and integrity through the examples of our instructors. Through SKY taekwondo training, students will learn to act and live the values of respect in everything they do.

Unity – Students will learn to be united as a team and become a member of the Sky Family. Students will find support and growth to strive for excellence to build a successful and strong team. Unity at SKY is coming together as ONE.

Service – Students will learn and understand the virtue of humility through the act of helping each other and serving our community.

Perseverance – Students will learn to think positively to endure and achieve their goals despite any difficulties. At Sky, we believe in ONE GOAL and ONE FOCUS and you can ACHIEVE anything.